Cocoa Spread


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• The world’s healthiest dessert spread is finally here! You can drizzle on your pancakes, fruits, protein muffins, or almond flour tortilla. Plus, this jar is great for baking, snacking or topping your favorite recipes.

• Our cocoa spread has a velvety soft, creamy, sweet and totally irresistible flavor. XYLITOL SWEETENED WITH NO ADDED SUGAR, NO STEVIA, AND NO CANE SUGAR: Our coconut condensed milk spread is perfect for your sugar-free lifestyle.

• Keto, Vegan, Diabetics & Celiac friendly: Our spread is perfect for those on a ketogenic diet, people with diabetes, vegans and those with allergy to gluten. Our low glycemic index allows for our spread to be enjoyed by all different lifestyles.

• 8g net carbs per serving. Low carb, vegan, all natural. Contains no refined sugar and
REAL premium coconut milk. We use maltitol or xylitol exclusively to sweeten, making it perfect for keto and other sugar free lifestyles.

• Wake up to the Cocoa spread that puts an incredible experience on your mouth, with the perfect breakfast or brunch topping for pancakes, fruit, oats or smoothie. Cocodensado is made from coconut milk, an extremely beneficial superfood for human health and rich in quality fats and fiber that may improve heart health, weight loss, and digestion.



Cocodensado is unlike anything seen before; when customers taste it, the first reaction is:

– “Is this real? No sugar at all?”

Yes, our products are sugar-free, and the nutritional value matches their delicious taste. All our products are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free, allowing every audience to enjoy a tasty dessert. Our customers range from athletes to those who have dietary restrictions and want to live their best lives and enjoy a guilt-free and healthy dessert.

Low Carb Diet?: 

Yes, we are also your allies. Cocodensado is made from coconut milk, an extremely beneficial superfood for human health and rich in quality fats and fiber that may improve heart health, weight loss, and digestion.


Coconut milk: 


Cocodensado’s Coconut Milk is extracted from native palm trees in Vietnam, known as one of the richest soils in nutrients for this type of fruit; it brings freshness, vitamins, and minerals not found in other varieties. In addition, the freshly harvested pulp is cold-pressed and freeze-dried to keep all the flavor and nutrients intact. Here are some of the benefits:

– It helps to lose weight, as it has very few carbohydrates and is rich in good fats, it dramatically increases satiety.

– It improves intestinal functioning: because it is rich in fibers, which stimulates and assists with the process of elimination.

– It acts as an antioxidant: and prevents diseases, as it is rich in vitamin A, C, and E;

– It strengthens the immune system: because it contains lauric acid, which prevents the proliferation of fungi, viruses, and bacteria;

– It replaces minerals lost during physical activity, as it contains zinc, potassium, selenium, copper, and magnesium.

– It combats aging and various diseases: Due to the presence of B vitamins and vitamin C, coconut helps to fight the damage caused by free radicals, preserving the genetic material of the cells. As a result, its consumption helps the body fight aging and prevent degenerative diseases.


Cocodensado Xylitol is handpicked, being a 100% pure product. It is a natural sweetener found in fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms and is being produced on a smaller scale by the human body itself. It has the same sweetening power as sugar, with less than half the calories, and does not cause glycemic spikes; it is safe for those who have diabetes and has beneficial characteristics for intestinal flora.

In addition, xylitol can bring several benefits to oral health. It reduces the incidence of caries by stabilizing ions, calcium, and phosphate in saliva, helping to remineralize teeth, stabilizing already formed caries, and reducing the growth of harmful bacteria in the body.



Our cocoa, called Arriba, of Ecuadorian origin, is extremely rare. It is extracted from fertile volcanic soil rich in magnesium, a vital mineral for the heart and nervous system’s health. Some antioxidants include anandamide and theobromine, which improve emotional and mental states, generating well-being and pleasure. These characteristics bring not only a unique aroma but also health benefits.

2 reviews for Cocoa Spread

  1. Clara Davila

    I bought it for the first time for my Grandpa who is diabetic and he said he’s never had a sugar-free dulce de leche that tasted this good before! Thank you so much!!

  2. Giovana Berger

    I couldn’t believe it when I opened the jar of cocoa spread from Cocodensado… “my god, it smells like brigadeiro!”, I thought… Then I tasted the first spoonful… “it smells and tastes like brigadeiro!!!” Absolutely in love!

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